Maison Artaner : a legacy of high-end jewelry.

A legacy of high-end jewelry.

In the Xth district of Paris, I met with the Artaner family in their lovely fine hand-made jewelry studio: Maison Artaner Paris. More than merely a craft, jewelry is a family legacy that makes them proud ! They always shared that passion and decided to make it official two years ago when they created their brand. Their collections inspire exotic journeys and poetry, and draw their singularity from the creators’ eclectic background : Turkey, Morocco, France… The result ? delicate yet original elegant jewels! A must-see!

Date: 8 September 2020
City: Paris
Artisan: Maison Artaner
How was Maison Artaner born ?


Maison Artaner was born from a common family passion for jewelry. My husband has been a jeweler for over 30 years. He has always been working on exceptional pieces for the most luxurious brands in the industry. He is very passionate about his craft.

Tamar and I are a mother-daughter tandem. She was the one to lead us onto the path of this marvelous entrepreneurial journey. Shortly after graduating from a prestigious business school, we both decided to create Maison Artaner, to showcase the beautiful heritage of high-end french jewelry craft, which is a family legacy.

We are both fascinated by the beauty of precious stones, colors, textures and sketches. Of course, we rely on my husband for his technical expertise. Creatively speaking, we are very much inspired by our cultural background.

Is it always a good thing to work as a family ?


Working as a family is an endless source of inspiration : it’s real, it’s honest and it’s authentic. It’s also a formidable support. We sometimes have a different vision on some projects, but we always have the same goal and will. We all know each other’s strengths and so we can confidently count on everyone’s expertise. We really compliment one another and our work is fluid. We face difficulties together and celebrate successes together : it’s magical !

Your slogan “Be Chic, Be Ethic” is full of promises. Can you tell me a bit more about it ? What are your commitments ?


Maison Artaner Paris is the name of a brand but foremost, it is a family name. As a family, we always wanted to emphasize humanity and kindness in our ethics. We followed our instincts and built a jewelry brand that reflects our values. We decided to buy exclusively gold that was labeled RJC – responsible jewelry council. We wanted our creations to be representative of responsible ethics.

The RJC label guarantees a free-mercury extraction, healthy work conditions for both men and the planet, equal salaries between men and women.

As for diamonds, we only get them from Kimberley labeled dealers.

We also support the local craftsmen we work with: our Parisian stone dealer, the smelter just a few blocks away from us… In a global standardized world, we made the choice to be a part of a circulatory economy; by supporting french craftsmanship and pursuing sustainable actions. Our last action : 100% of the profit of our all-natural candles will be given to the foundation of Paris Hospitals until the end of the year.

“As for bespoke high end jewelry, people tend to believe it is out of reach. At Maison Artaner Paris, we adapt to every budget, always with the same process, the same passion and the same quality requirement.”

Can you tell us about your creative process ?


Each creation is truly an invitation to travel : Morocco and its colors, its craftsmanship. Istanbul and its cultural diversity. Byzantin and Ottoman influences, and of course Paris – city of light and french jewelry’s birthplace. Architecture and ancestral traditions inspire and guide us through our creative process.

As for bespoke high end jewelry, people tend to believe it is out of reach. At Maison Artaner Paris, we adapt to every budget always with the same process, the same passion and the same quality requirement. Our work is titled 754‰, which is the reference amongst luxury brands.

Our wish is to give custom-made jewelry back its nobility with hand-drawn sketches. We meticulously select our stones and it is always a wonderful moment for the customer to see the different shades of a sapphire or of an emerald. Our client is completely involved in the creative process : he is the main character of it !

If you had to describe Maison Artaner in three words, what would they be ?


Authenticity and the beautiful heritage that embodies it. We are aware that we carry on an exceptional know-how and a tremendous artisanal legacy.

Joy and passion are part of our daily life. It is a true pleasure to receive our customers, to listen to them, to share their memories. We always put so much of ourselves into our work to make them happy.

Buying jewel is not a random act : it usually marks an important event, a wedding, a birth, an anniversary…incredibly precious moments shared with us! A Maison Artaner Paris’s ring will be transmitted from generation to generation. Every time we deliver a piece, we are filled with emotions.

What are you futur projects ?


For now, we wish to expand our collections : they still have so much to say ! New stones and different inserts… they talk to us and whisper memories to us…

It is important to put enough time into the creative process, to create each piece with passion. It is our rhythm and we are attached to certain values : when the collections will be exhausted, we will move on the something else !

Did you enjoy discovering this craftsman ?

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