Diana Gran: private chef.

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Diana Gran is a serial-entrepreneur : she’s a feminist photographer, a curator, a food blogger, a private chef… We had the pleasure of tasting her delicious recipes for our launch party last February. Today, she shares one of her passions with us: cooking.

Date: 8 Mars 2019
City: Paris
Artisan: Diana Gran
Diana, what is your history with cooking?


I have been cooking since a very early age, at 7! At home, my parents did not know how to cook, and because I was greedy, even a bit maniac with food, I have always cooked for myself and for them… It quickly became a passion! I started cooking for my friends and family… One day, I was asked to cook at en event and that’s how I began working as a private chef.

How did you develop your clientele?


Mainly through networking. I prefer word of mouth and intimacy for such events. Furthermore, social media are a good way to share my recipes. I regularly communicate via my Instagram accounts dianasdeliciousdiary and lesdelicieuses_paris.

Can you tell us a bit about the experiences you’ve had?


I’ve cooked in a castle – a bed and breakfast in Touraine – for two years. Breakfast, made with fresh organic local products was our signature dish.

I cooked for private events such as weddings, magazine launch…

I also had a column in the magazine for men LUI, in which I shared some of my recipes.

What kind of products do you work with?


I do my best to select seasonal and organic products. In Paris, it can be a real challenge sometimes!

What is difficult about finding organic products in Paris?


It is a big city! There are no farms, unlike in Touraine where I could go directly to the producer to pick up what I needed. Here, there are organic products but the inconvenient is that they often come from Italy or Spain. To me, it does not really match the movement of healthy foods because it does not care about environmental impact.

“Lately, I have a particular appeal for [raw] food. I believe one has to be really creative to find how to sublimate the taste of raw veggies and fruits.”

How do you elaborate your menus?


I always adapt to my clients’ preferences. Some enjoy more traditional french recipes whilst others like better the vegan trend, even the raw-vegan trend. Contrary to popular beliefs, raw-vegan diets can be very gourmet, healthy and diversified!

Lately, I have a particular appeal for that kind of food. I believe one has to be really creative to find how to sublimate the taste of raw veggies and fruits. I often go to the restaurant le 42° in the 9th district of Paris – they specialize in raw foods – to find inspiration and discover new flavors.

Do you have a signature dish?


I don’t, but I would define my cooking as a bit of traditional French cuisine with Asian inspiration. For example, people really enjoy my spring rolls that are inspired by both Asian and Western cooking.

I like my cuisine to be generous, diversified and filled with vegetables!

Your favorite restaurants in Paris?


I love L’ami Jean if I am in the mood for a feast… Sauvage if I want a light dinner. And le 42° for raw dishes and cakes!

What are your projects for the future?


I recently created Les Délicieuses with my friend Lisa Chabeur. It’s a catering company specialized in semi vegetarian diets. Our dishes are super healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free and can be completely vegan as well. We put a special care in how we present our dishes because we also want our cuisine to be beautiful to look at.


Did you enjoy discovering the craftsman ?

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· Credits · Text : Somaya Krouna  – Photographies : Diana Gran.
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